B1 Veloway

The project team behind the B1 Veloway Consortium is a group of Melburnians highly credentialed in engineering and architecture, who want to introduce an above-ground cycling path between Princes Bridge and Docklands.   The radical but simple design for the construction proposes to ‘clip-on’ to the edge of the railway viaduct. Drop-off point along the way would allow cyclists to exist close to their place of work or leisure. The proposal eliminates the need to cross busy roads or to construct expensive underpasses, and will remove much of the commuter cycle traffic that creates headaches on the Southbank and Crown Promenades. A similar project is about to be installed on Auckland’s major bridge.   The consortium is seeking funding from the State to complete a comprehensive feasibility study. Contact person – Michael Potter, Pacific Strategies 9617 3700    0417 541 737 michael@pacstrat.com.au

Veloway schematic